Why is sustainability important in business? | What environmental factors should you consider?

As part of a global commitment at the 2015 Paris Agreement, the UK Government stated their intention to reach net zero target emissions by 2050. Following this, there has been a focus on businesses to lead the way in climate action by the UK government.

In this guide, we explore what is meant by business sustainability, the importance of setting environmentally friendly goals, and how our sustainable, ergonomic products can help your business.

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Find out who CMD are, and how we can help your business become sustainable.

What does it mean to be a sustainable business?

Business sustainability calls attention to a company’s negative environmental impact and ways to reduce this, in line with environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics. Becoming a sustainable business may include creating an environmentally oriented strategy that addresses these issues and creates achievable, sustainable goals that the company works towards.

To address and improve the sustainability of your business, you must first understand the different scopes of greenhouse gas emissions and discover which sector is the most harmful:

Scope one

Scope one refers to greenhouse gases that are directly emitted into the atmosphere by company-controlled or owned sources. This includes; any carbon emissions from company fleet vehicles if they are petrol or diesel-powered, process emissions that are produced during any industrial processes, and any power that is produced within company facilities.

Scope two

Nearly 40% of all greenhouse gas emissions start with energy generation, especially in corporate structures. These greenhouse gas emissions are categorised by scope two and are indirectly emitted by a company. This includes emissions from any purchased electricity, steam, heating and cooling systems.

Scope three

The remaining greenhouse gas emissions are classified as indirect scope three emissions. This category refers to any company activity that is not related to purchased energy, including business travel, product distribution, and any waste.


CMD holds the world’s most recognised environmental management standard, BSI ISO 14001. We are actively making changes to our business ethics to maintain our commitment to reducing carbon emissions.

Find out more about our environmental responsibility here.

Why is it important to understand and improve your business sustainability?

In recent years, the UK and the rest of the world have experienced major and extreme weather changes, with record temperatures and ice rapidly melting. This is all a result of human behaviour affecting the climate and increasing global warming. There are global efforts to reduce the environmental impact caused by businesses, homes, and other factors.

In 2020, businesses accounted for 18% of all UK greenhouse gas emissions. Setting sustainable goals is a great way for you to address and reduce your impact on the environment and actively help this global campaign. Improving corporate sustainability also:

Helps address climate change concerns

Global warming is impacted by the level of greenhouse gas emitted into the atmosphere, which results in an excess of heat. Therefore, stating your corporate sustainability goals and the actions you are taking to reduce its carbon emissions shows your intention to help the environment address climate change.

Climate change is a global incentive, so it is important that everybody takes part and makes the necessary changes. At CMD, we intend to achieve net zero emissions by 2050 and have outlined our environmental goals for the next five and ten years.

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Meets consumer demands

As the market continues to grow, more and more consumers are prioritising eco-friendly products and brands over other companies that do not promote sustainability. Particularly, a study found that the largest generation, “millennials”, are twice as likely to change their habits to reduce their environmental impact.

Attract potential customers, clients and employees

Much like meeting future consumer demands, showcasing a business sustainability strategy can help attract potential customers or clients who are concerned about their carbon footprint. If your company is a business-to-business (B2B), there is also the opportunity to help promote both yours and your client’s sustainability practices.

Adapting a sustainable and flexible working structure can also help attract employees who are environmentally conscious of their actions. You might find more employees will want to work in sustainable development, especially if your work provides flexible working patterns.

Utilising the right equipment not only optimises the working set-up but also promotes sustainability if the equipment is locally sourced.

CMD products for office environments are locally sourced.

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Help improve brand and competitive edge

As a business, your sustainable goals show concern and respect for environmental and social issues, which can enhance your brand reputation as well as build confidence with customers, your partners, and the public. You will have many opportunities to attract capital and human resources through a sustainable development strategy to support company expansion while promoting a green economy and its sustainability.

Proving your commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions can also allow you stand out against your competitors.

At CMD, our team is committed to monitoring our environmental impact. Where possible, our products contain recycled materials that are categorised and recycled afterwards by a registered waste management company.

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Top tips for making your business sustainable

In order to reduce your environmental impact, every business must start somewhere. Here are some top tips to help simplify business sustainability:

  • Understand the three scopes of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Consider utilising a renewable energy resource when possible.
  • Create achievable, sustainable goals.
  • Convert commercial fleets to electric.
  • Locally source equipment for office working.

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How CMD can help

Founded in 1984, CMD has been producing products to enhance the working experience. This includes power distribution, workstation power and ergonomic solutions to help improve business productivity.

CMD also promotes corporate sustainability practices and has created environmentally friendly goals within our business plan. This includes achieving net zero emissions by 2050, providing sustainable materials that can be recycled, and stocking products that are locally sourced in the UK.

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