Are you providing the best sustainable practices for your workplace?

In a 2021 study, 49% of people aged between 18 and 25 and 44% of people aged between 26 and 38 said that they choose the organisations they are willing to work for based on personal ethics. This generation will be the future of organisations and business culture; with the threat of drastic climate change being a main concern. From this, businesses should consider including sustainable practices for their employees and the environments in which they work.

When asked, just under 50% of UK employees were unaware of their workplace sustainable goals:

Have you been made aware of your workplace’s sustainable goals?

Infographic showing that most people have not been made aware of their workplace’s sustainable goals

Using our independent survey findings, this guide will explore the opinions of UK employees on sustainability, and ways your business can help reduce its environmental impact.

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What is business sustainability?

Business sustainability focuses on creating a strategy that reduces the negative impact the business operations may have on the environment; both directly and indirectly. With the threat of climate change always lurking around the corner, many organisations, such as businesses, have focused on reducing their carbon footprint, and helping in any way they can.

For your business, creating a sustainable strategy can benefit not only the environment itself, but also, the surrounding community, and increase the company’s work ethic.

What do employees think about their sustainable working practices?

One of the benefits of creating a sustainable working environment is the impact it has on your employees. Green credentials can help attract like-minded employees to your company and help you to stand out against your competitors.

According to CMD research, 57% of UK employees believe their company should provide information on the best sustainable working practices.

Do you believe your employer should provide information and guidance on sustainable working?

Inforgraphic showing that most people believe their employer should provide information and guidance on sustainable working

Although there is not a substantial difference between employees that can work from home (37%) and those who are not given the opportunity (54%), the majority of UK employees want to be informed on how to best work sustainably. This includes ensuring products used for the office are sourced locally and has less of an environmental impact.

Ensure your employees have a strong environmentally friendly set-up by educating them on your sustainability goals. At CMD, we have emission reduction targets in place that have been outlined for the next five and ten years.

Find out more about CMD’s environmental responsibilities here.

Do employees think it is important to work for an environmentally conscious company?

According to the CMD survey, most UK employees prefer to work for an environmentally conscious company; resulting in 77% of respondents.

Is it important for you to work for a company who are environmentally conscious?

Infographic showing that people think it is important to work for a company who are environmentally conscious

Along with the guidance of sustainable practices and companies that are conscious of their impact on the environment, the CMD survey found that 63% of UK employees prefer it if their company actively takes steps to reduce their carbon footprint.

Would you prefer it if your workplace had environmentally friendly goals and were taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint?

Infographic showing that most people would prefer it if thier workplace had environmentally friendly goals and were taking steps to reduce its carbon footprint

After the 2015 Paris Agreement, the UK government stated their intention to reach net zero target emissions by 2050 . However, this may be impossible if businesses do not start implementing steps now. Both beneficial to your employees and the environment, creating sustainable goals can help boost your company’s reputation and showcase your intention in assisting with the national incentive.

At CMD, we supply sustainable products for businesses that are environmentally conscious in office environments. We aim to promote the maintenance of a healthy environment, and ensure our products are compliant with the world’s most recognisable standard.

Browse through our sustainable ergonomic range here.

What can you do to improve your company’s sustainability?

To help meet the expectations of your employees, and maintain an environmentally friendly reputation with customers, it is important to consider certain sustainable factors. Implementing simple environmental goals can help reduce your company’s carbon footprint and contribute to the country’s goal of net zero emissions by 2050.

Consider switching to electric vehicle fleets

Converting your commercial fleet to electric vehicles is a more energy-efficient solution, and saves up to 75% less than the equivalent petrol or diesel fleet.

In the next five years, we plan to move one-third of our fleet to electric vehicles where possible. Our aim is to have 33% of our commercial fleet not emitting any fossil fuels into the atmosphere and help reduce our carbon footprint when delivering our products.

Educate staff members on the best energy efficiency measures

It is important if you are setting up environmentally friendly goals that your staff are aware of them and are also helping achieve them.

At CMD, we are striving to educate our staff on energy-efficient measures, both at home and in the office. This is to reduce heating and travelling emissions by 10 to 20%.

If your company offers hybrid working, educating your staff on the best sustainable business practices can help reduce your employees’ carbon footprints at home as well. 48% of people believe that their employer should provide them with the necessary products.

Make sure the equipment you are using or providing has been locally sourced

Establishing a strong sustainable business environment can be done in a number of ways. One solution is supplying sustainably sourced equipment for your employees.

CMD supplies ergonomic products that have been sourced locally and requires less packaging.

Our recommended monitor arm:

The Miro monitor arm

Shop the Miro monitor arm.

The Miro monitor arm allows you to position your screen exactly where you want it, and is a sustainably sourced solution to workplaces. Available in both white and black, the monitor arm is perfect for companies looking to improve their carbon footprint, whilst providing high-quality equipment for their employees.

Find an environmentally conscious supplier

When choosing a supplier for ergonomic or power distribution products, ensure their environmental goals are in-line with your own. An environmentally friendly supply chain can help promote your company’s environmental reputation to customers, as you are choosing to work with like-minded businesses. This supply chain also provides evidence to employees that sustainability initiatives are in place.

environmentally conscious infographic

Who are CMD?

At CMD, we create ergonomic solutions for the office. We provide various products, including power distribution systems and monitor arms that are designed to be quick and easy to install.


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