2017 October

The Appalachian Trail Club of Florida meeting was held at the Sarasota Botanical Gardens on Wednesday, October 18, 2017

George Becht started the meeting at 7:21 PM by welcoming the club back from the summer hiatus and introduced us to Holly Harris from Connecticut. She is interested in hiking since her brother Craig Coldstrom hiked in New Hampshire with their father and saw more moose than people.

Jane V. Blanchard read the minutes and then it was stated that Grace Tyner has been in rehab since May and hopes to return to the club soon.

The membership email list was passed around for members to verify their emails.

George Becht told us to look forward to an email with a flier about the club. He hopes that the members will put these in local sites to help drum up business.

Before the program, Dennis Blanchard introduced the guest speaker and told the membership to check out the Youtube channel  Homemade Wanderlust.

Dennis then passed around a framed-photo of his interview with AAA magazine.  Thanks to the Henegers for bringing it in.

The guest speaker was Brian Luther of Ripple Adventures LLC and Environeers. “Ripple” was his trail name when he hiked the AT 20 years ago. He started to teach and to create trips to provide adventures for others.

His courses:

  • Backpacking 101 is on the Florida Trail.
  • Backpacking 101 is in the Myakka Preserve
  • Orienting 101 is during the day
  • Orienting 102 is at 3 AM on the new moon in the Myakka Preserve
  • Hurricane Prep class.

He recently returned from taking a group to the Dolomites in Italy. He says that “If you can walk to your car, you can walk in the Dolomites.” He particularly enjoyed the Via Ferrata, the iron paths.

Brian is leading an Everglade Hike on October 29. If interested, see Environeers for more information. He recommends wearing old shoes and quick-drying pants tucked into socks. $10 for the trip.

He is taking a group to hike the AT from the Hiker Hostel to Neel’s Gap from November 5 to 12.

Before leaving Brian promoted Envirorneers at 5273 Fruitville for gear, community, and leads to local hikes. He also encourages the membership to write a story for their Facebook page.

Before ending the meeting, George Becht stated that the library has to be removed from the closet and asked for suggestions about what to do with it.

The meeting adjourned at 8:15 PM.

Respectfully submitted, Jane V. Blanchard.