2017 December

The Appalachian Trail Club of Florida meeting was held at the Sarasota Botanical Gardens on Wednesday, December 20, 2017

George Becht, the president opened the meeting at 7:18 PM. He welcomed the 33 members and new guest and thanked everyone for their contributions to the buffet.

First-time visitors were Chuck Bubert (introduced by Dave Buley) and Tom Obermeier and Eric Claessens, the speakers. Suzanne “Winston” Niemann returned after a long hiatus.

Libby Tyner told us that her mother, Grace, is doing better. She said that to keep the budget solvent we would have to collect the dues. A motion was put forth by Pres. George Becht to increase membership dues to $20/family, seconded, by Dennis Blanchard and passed. If you have not paid dues, it is time to do so.

Dennis Blanchard, program director, introduced the speakers. Tom “Bionic Elbow” Obermeier. He is a member of SCORR (Sarasota County Off-Road Riders) who spoke to us about the trails and asked for help in maintaining them. Eric Claessens, president and founder of SCORR, spoke about the various trails that are open to bikers and hikers.

  • The Boldlygo Loop in the Carlton Reserve (just north of Northport) is 12.75 miles
  • The Palmetto Trail in the Myakka State Forest is 10 miles round trip

The Piggy’s Revenge 2018 is a fundraiser ride for SCORR. For more info, see http://www.scorrider.com/

Brian Luther from Enviorners came with merchandise that would make great hiker holiday gifts and to remind us that ATCFL members can have a discount at the store by showing their membership card.

George devised an “Are you smarter than a thru-hiker” AT trivia contest. Winners were awarded hiker appropriate prizes.

The meeting closed after singing “The 12 Days of Hiking” written by Grace Tyner.

Respectfully submitted by Jane V. Blanchard. December 20, 2017